About PollyWeb

It’s all about the people being counted all the time, not just at election time.

A simple enough platform that allows people to vote on the major bills and amendments as they are tabled in parliament.

Though, not just a secure voting platform, but an entirely new way to conduct politics, from the constituents, the people, through to the politicians and parties who chose to utilise it and then ultimately laws and legislation that may be influenced by it.
The PollyWeb aims to provide un-bias, non-partisan resources relating to each bill and a balanced media perspective from all sides of each issue as they arise.
With the inclusion of courses, tutorials and resource material to help facilitate people effectively making informed educated votes on ballots.
Utilising Sociopolitical polling to engage opinion and also providing a set of tools to discuss, debate, develop and formulate policy as part of the national crowd.

Finally PollyWeb brings the idea of community back to Politics, by allowing people to be heard and engaged in a system which ultimately leads to their direct voices being heard in parliament.

Representative democracy is only a small slice of Australia’s political landscape, becoming part of the bigger picture is joining PollyWeb – Left, Right or Centrist – PollyWeb wants your view, it’s time to represent yourself.

Watch the introduction to PollyWeb

A 5 min window into what the Online Direct Democracy Party is, and a little about the plaform PollyWeb and how the ODD party plans to evolve politics in Australia into the 21st Century.


In the shadow of tumultuous concern over the ethical dilemma of proposed voting reforms, Australians are brought one step closer to true representative democracy by Online Direct Democracy Party.

Online Direct Democracy Party firmly believes that an informed and empowered majority of voters will make the right choices far more reliably than our current political representatives. To this end, Online Direct Democracy Party have created a powerful tool that will enable Australians to gain valuable insight into the important decisions that we face as a nation. A nonpartisan tool that is designed to not only inform but also allow voters to directly influence policy. All in one place, accessible, unbiased, thorough and live.

Following their official announcement last week of ‘The Alliance’, the Online Direct Democracy Party are pleased to announce that our online voting platform will be launched for public beta testing in just over 3 weeks. The ‘PollyWeb’ system is six months ahead of schedule as a result of hundreds of hours of tech savvy and skilled volunteer work.

Australians have been screaming to be heard in the halls of Parliament. Online Direct Democracy Party have not just heeded the call, we have acted. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and we want to walk that walk right beside you.

The following address is the PollyWeb - http://pollyweb.net.au